Healthy Bakery Food Choices To Fuel A Personal Training Session.

Healthy Bakery Food Choices To Fuel A Personal Training Session.


Bakery Foods And A Personal Training workout?


Yes, it is hard to imagine healthy food options at the bakery.  However, gone are the days when it was all about cookies and chocolate from bakeries. Modern bakeries have a lot of healthy food options that can be fantastic to fuel personal training sessions.

Our bodies need a good dose of proteins and carbohydrates to build muscle. But understandably, most people associate bakery foods with calorie-rich food. Today we break this myth and reveal the healthy bakery food choices to fuel a personal training session in London.

Let’s get started.

Whole wheat bread.


In the muscle-building realm, the health benefits of whole grains are well known. The reasons that make this food group such a hit for training sessions include:

  • One, the rich reserves of carbohydrates and protein provide long-lasting energy for your workouts. It is no good if you burn out midway through your training sessions.
  • Two, the high fiber content keeps you full. This is also great for your gut and cardiovascular health. Fiber is excellent for those looking to build muscle mass in a healthy way.

Sugar-free muffins and cookies.

Another healthy choice you shouldn’t overlook in the bakeries is sugar-free muffins. Those muffins and cookies that include berries and fruits in the ingredients are the best choices. Look for muffins with ingredients such as bananas, blueberries, quinoa, and dark chocolate.

These are relatively low in calories. However, they have a good content of carbs and some level of fats, which is perfect as fuel for a personal training session. In addition, the ingredients mentioned above also come with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are great for overall health.

Croissants and doughnuts.

Don’t be put off by of doughnuts and croissants at the bakery – especially if they are the plain variety. Plain doughnuts have very low sugar, and in croissants, it is negligible. The overall calories in plain croissants and doughnuts are also very moderate.

But the good part is that they keep you satiated. They also have a good amount of carbohydrates, which is what you need for fueling your workout sessions.

Fruit pies.

Pies, in general, are very healthy. But pies that are made from fruits such as apples and fruits based ingredients are good choices. They are not overloaded with calories, so you don’t have to worry about working it off. Moreover, they give you the energy to complete your personal training sessions.

When it comes to pies, stay away from anything that has nuts or cream. Sauces and ice creams also feature in pies, so watch out for that.


Achieving your dream body takes a combination of workouts and careful diet. Even if you spend grueling hours in the gym, you are fighting a losing battle without a trainer or a proper diet.

Traditionally, bakery foods are notorious for high calories. However, people in every industry are getting more health-conscious. And bakers, along with their offerings, are full of healthy options. So check out the bakery foods we have suggested above. Feel free to talk to the people working at the bakery too. They can give you invaluable information.

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